Plastic tank replacement


 Most modern car radiators consist of an aluminium core with plastic end tanks. With proper maintenance, and good quality coolant, a radiator core may last for decades. Plastic tanks however have a much shorter life span. depending on kilometers driven, the average plastic tank lasts around 8 years.
Replacing the radiator tank on a car that has been well maintained will often give you just as long a service life of your car radiator as fitting a complete new radiator, but at a much cheaper cost. We can also manufacture brass replacement tanks for hard to find radiators.

Cooling system flushing


 Replacing the coolant in your car involves much more than undoing a drain bung, or dropping the bottom hose. Even with the bottom hose disconnected, the engine and heater in your car can still hold several liters of old coolant. this will contaminate the new coolant you add.Proper flushing for most cars involves removing the thermostat, and using compressed air and water to thoroughly clean your cooling system. Lastly and probably most important is bleeding out any air that may be trapped in the system after refilling. This is done differently for most models of car. Done incorrectly it can cause costly engine damage. 

Brass/Copper radiator Tank off & clean-out


 We specialize in cleaning and repairing brass/ copper  radiators. In the past most radiators were made out of these materials,  and proved to be durable and long lasting. Repairing a Brass/Copper radiator can often give you many more years of service. 

Custom Made Radiators and Accessories

New Radiators


At Southcoast Radiators, we supply radiators from all the top brands, including Koyo, Denso, Calsonic, Valeo, Nissens, Adrad and others. We feel it is important to only supply radiators from quality manufacturers, as your  car could be at risk from substandard products. That being said, our prices are always competitive.

Heavy Duty Radiators


We can manufacture and supply heavy duty radiators for a range of vehicles.

Custom Made Radiators


We can manufacture custom made radiators and header tanks to suit your needs, or modify your existing radiator to suit.